PVPA Launches New Website & Logo

New PVPA logo of four stylized people with arms raised, with the letters PVPA beneath.

On July 31, PVPA officially launched its new website. We knew that the old website wasn't serving its purpose well, and that we needed to make a change. While work began on the new site, a re-branding process was initiated to help PVPA better market itself.

Since you are reading this webpage, you've probably already seen one version of our new logo on the front page of the website. Other forms of the logo, including the one shown here, will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks.

This new site has a consistent appearance across internet-connected devices and has been designed from the ground up to look good on small screens and to be easy to navigate. We hope you find the site to be an improvement. Feedback is certainly welcome at website@pvpa.org.