PVPA is now a NUT-FREE campus. Please adjust home-brought meals accordingly. Thank you! 


COVID-19 Positive Case in School

Medical symbol superimposed over the PVPA logo

Dear PVPA Community, 

I am writing to inform you that a student at PVPA tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, September 1. The student was last in school on Wednesday, September 1.  All spaces have been cleaned and sanitized in line with our current district practices. 

We have a comprehensive plan in place for scenarios like this and it is our first responsibility to keep our students and staff safe. We are following all Department of Public Health and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education protocols, including collaborating with our local board of health to complete contact tracing. We have already initiated contact tracing for persons who are considered close contacts to these individuals so that they are aware of the necessary steps to quarantine as well as where they can go to be tested. If you were not contacted, then you and/or your child have not been identified as a close contact of the individual who tested positive. 

Our school undergoes regular cleaning and disinfecting each night and an extended, deep cleaning at least once per week to ensure everyone's safety. Please continue to wear a mask, keep physically distant from others, and employ proper handwashing and hygiene practices. Remember to perform a daily health screening, and if your child is ill, please keep them home. As parents/guardians and district employees, we all have a responsibility to be sure to follow these protocols, not just to keep our children safe, but the whole community as well.  

We will continue to be vigilant in adhering to all of the protocols that have been put in place in an effort to continue in-person learning. 

Our student body and staff have been closely adhering to the safety protocols including mask-wearing, hand washing, and physical distancing. We are grateful to our families for their continued efforts to keep students home at the first sign of symptoms. Additionally, we are asking individuals who are tested for COVID-19 to please report the results to the school nurse and send a copy of the test results. These measures, taken in combination, greatly reduce the risk of additional transmission.

For more information on COVID-19 symptoms and testing, visit: https://www.mass.gov/info-details/about-covid-19-testing#where-can-get-a-test?-

You can also find a map of testing sites at https://memamaps.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=eba3f0395451430b9f631cb095febf13


Mary Colwell, RN