PVPA is now a NUT-FREE campus. Please adjust home-brought meals accordingly. Thank you! 


Drop off and pick up procedures

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Drop-off and Pick-up Procedures


It is very important for the safety of all to strictly follow the pick-up and drop-off procedures outlined below. It will also help us to get everyone through the pick-up and drop-off lines if everyone is doing their part.


  • When dropping off and picking up students, please use the second PVPA entrance located at the top of the hill. The first driveway will be reserved for busses.
  • Follow the arrows all the way through the lot and pull up to the school by the theater.
  • The first car in line should park just behind the first crosswalk. It is important not to park on or pick up and drop off students on any of the crosswalks at any time.
  • Please pull up as close as safely possible to the car in front of you and pay attention to whoever is conducting traffic. 
  • Students should enter and exit vehicles on the right side of the vehicle ONLY.
  • Drivers must remain in the vehicle while in the drop-off / pick up lane
  • When exiting, please enter the departing lane after engaging your turn signal and checking for moving vehicles and students.
  • Please be observant and cautious when driving to and from the school. In addition to student drivers and pedestrians, the new dog park on Mulligan Way has brought increased traffic and parked cars with dogs and their owners getting in and out.
  • Students should be dropped off between 7:50 and 8:20 am and get picked up no later than 3:30.


Thank you for all your support!