School Closure due to COVID-19 concerns

UPDATE (03/16/2020):  We've begun to compile a list of resources for families to help support our community during this challenging time.

PVPA will be closed temporarily starting Monday, March 16th for an initial period of two weeks (March 16-27)  subject to change. We take this action in response to the rapidly increasing public health emergency created by the Coronavirus. Many Massachusetts school districts have announced similar closings.

We make this decision to protect the health of our students, staff, families and all those who live in over 50 different cities and towns where our families reside.

While we currently have no reported cases of exposure to the virus at PVPA, and there’s no presumptive cases in any of the cities and towns in which our families reside, we understand the science to say that in order to prevent the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, the time to close schools is BEFORE any known cases arise, not after. This action serves to slow the spread, and since our community is spread over such a large geographic area, the urgency of such action is upon us to do our part.

We will provide further information soon about continued learning for our students during this temporary closure.