Documents & Forms

Below are collected all of the important documents and forms that parents may need access to during the course of the school year. If something seems to be missing, please contact the school directly.
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Music Audition Policy Music Audition Policy and Info.pdf
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Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan - 2020-21.pdf
Calendars & Schedules
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COVID-Adjusted Academic Calendar 2020-21 COVID-Adjusted 2020-21 School Calendar - 8.31.20.pdf
Remote/Hybrid Master Schedule Fall 2020 Remote and Hybrid Master Schedule - FINAL.pdf
2021-2022 School Year Calendar 2021-22 School Calendar - Approved 2_9_21.pdf
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Home/School Communication Guidelines Home_school_communication_guidelines_2012-13-2.pdf
Enrollment Policy Enrollment Policy - 2019.pdf
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Comprehensive Reopening Plans PVPA COMPREHENSIVE REOPENING PLANS - August 14, 2020.pdf
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Community Handbook 2020-2021 Community Handbook 2020-21.pdf
Life Threatening Allergy, Seizure, and Asthma Action Plans
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Anaphylaxis Action Plan Anaphylaxis_Emergency_Action_Plan.pdf
Asthma Action Plan Asthma_Action_Plan.pdf
Seizure Action Plan Seizure Action Plan.pdf
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2020-21 Free and Reduced Lunch Application Application_FY21_FINAL.docx
MA Mandatory Physical Exam and Immunization Form
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Physical Exam Form School_Physical_Exam_Record.pdf
Physician Follow-Up Exam Form Physician_Follow-up_Exam_Form.pdf
Record of Immunization Form Record_of_Immunization.pdf
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Pick-A-Time Conference Signup Instructions Conference Signup Instructions.pdf
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CDC Student Health Fact Sheet for Parents ParentHealthFactSheets_CDC_DHHS.pdf
Title I, Family Engagement, School-Family-Student Compact PVPA Title I Policy Handouts - 2020-21.pdf
Parent Portal Information
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Parent Portal User Guide PVPA Parent Portal User Guide (rev. Nov 2020).pdf
Permission Forms
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Early Dismissal / Late Arrival Early_Dismissal_and_Late_Arrival_Permission_Form_2017-18_1.pdf
Off-Campus Lunch Privilege Application Off-CampusLunchPrivilegeApplication.docx.pdf
Physician Authorization to Give Medication Form Medication_Authorization_Physician_and_Parent.pdf
Permission to Exchange Information Form Authorization_Exchange_Information_0.pdf
Pickup & Dropoff
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Pickup Procedure and Map 2019-20 PVPA Drop Off & Pick-up Procedure.pdf
Required Forms
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2020-2021 Emergency Health Form PVPA Emergency Health Form 20-21.pdf
Consent for Record Release Student Record Release 2020.pdf
Home Language Survey Home Language Survey.pdf
Home Language Survey - Spanish Home Language Survey - Spanish.pdf
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PVPA Head Injury Policy Injury+Concussion_Policy.pdf
Required Forms for Athletic Participation
Student Support
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Home Tutoring PhysicianAffirmationForHomeOrHospitalTutor.pdf
ESL Curriculum Vision For PVPA ESL Curriculum Vision for PVPA.pdf
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Bus Registration Form Student Bus Registration Form 2019-2020.pdf
Bus Contract 2020-21 Bus Questionnaire.pdf