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Update on Student Schedules - Aug 23, 2021

PVPA Community,

We're happy to announce that preliminary schedules for HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS have been migrated to the PowerSchool system, in preparation for students to have virtual meetings with their school counselors in the coming days.  If you and/or your student have working access to the portal, you should be able to log in and see that information now.  7th and 8th grade schedules will be coming along in the next few days.

Schedules are still preliminary.  In most cases, students have their:

  1. core academic courses for graduation scheduled,
  2. audition courses scheduled,
  3. requested arts courses that didn't conflict with other high priority requests.

The following things are still being worked on, and should be finalized within the next few days:

  1.  scheduling academic support classes for students on an IEP,
  2.  scheduling homework support classes for 10th grade students,
  3.  schedules for 7th and 8th grade students.

Due to the dynamic nature of scheduling (staff changes, course cancellations, bell schedule reconfiguration, etc.) not all student requests can be met.  In come cases, first choice arts and first choice academic classes conflict. Other times, audition-based classes prevent a student from getting another high priority class. Regardless, we've tried to honor student requests as best we can within the limitations of our current schedule structure.

We have intentionally NOT placed students into classes that they didn't request. If, while scheduling, we couldn't find a class that a student requested in a particular period, we left that block empty.  This way, they can look over the list of options that are available for that period to make a more informed choice.

In the next few days, we will be sending out printable schedules to families via email.  Please keep an eye out for further communications!

STUDENTS - Even if you don't have a working PowerSchool login, please keep your appointment with your counselor.  They'll be able to review your schedule and make changes with you!!!!!