Senior Meeting Sign-Up Instructions

Senior meetings are starting. During these meetings, we will talk about post-PVPA plans, support needed for those plans, and more. Family members are encouraged to attend and notes will be shared after meetings. 

Here is the process for students to sign up for a Senior Meeting: 

  1. Students, sign into your PVPA G-mail account. 

  2. Click on the link to go to the appointment calendar.

  3. Choose an available appointment during a block that you have a Homework Support, Academic Support, or Self-Directed Study.  

  4. Click on the appointment.  A box that says "Senior Meeting" will open.  In "What" type in your name. Save the appointment.

  5. You will receive an email invitation to the meeting time.  

  6. If you do not have a support block or study, we can schedule a meeting before school, after school, during a lunch, or during class time with prior permission from the teacher.  Please ask the teacher to contact Kate to give permission for you to miss class before you schedule the appointment. 

  7. If you do not see a time that works for you, please contact Kate at or 413 552 1580 x243.