The Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School is seeking highly qualified candidates for the position of Speech and Language Pathologist for. The Speech and Language Pathologist functions as a member of the total diagnostic team by providing comprehensive differential diagnosis, assessment, educational planning for students with speech/language/communication disorders. Speech & language services may be delivered in a variety of ways by the speech & language pathologist alone or in collaboration with other service providers including direct services to address a wide range of needs i.e. receptive and expressive language, fluency, voice, articulation, aural rehabilitation, oral motor intervention, auditory processing, etc. Responsibilities include but are not limited to case management, treatment planning and implementation, writing IEPs, and conducting comprehensive assessments.

The following reflects some of, but not all of, the qualifications and responsibilities of this position:

  1. Deep understanding of dual needs and appropriate diagnostic assessments
  2. Experience with a range of learner profiles including mild/moderate special needs and atypical learning profiles
  3. Experience with students on the autism spectrum, data collection and applied behavior analysis
  4. Experience with a diverse population of students within a multi-cultural school / community
  5. Experience with administering and interpreting formal and informal assessments, as well as strong interpretation and report writing skills
  6. Experience with assistive technologies and augmentative communication
  7. Experience with and commitment to co-teaching and inclusion that benefits students academically and social/emotionally
  8. Ability to work closely, collaboratively and effectively with a team of teachers, service providers, and families
  9. Strong ability to work as a member of a professional learning community and multi-disciplinary team
  10. Highly effective executive function skills including being well organized, strong time management and scheduling skills, and able to work independently to meet timelines
  11. Highly effective oral and written communication skills that promote and encourage collaboration with colleagues, parents, and administrators
  12. Strong positive, interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships with students, staff, administration and families

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Skills/Experience/Education):

Speech & Language Pathologist. Licensed by the State of Massachusetts Board of Health.
Current Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education certification/license as a Speech Language Pathologist, All levels.
At least two years working with students in grades 7-12 preferred

Supervised by: Director of Student Services

Calendar: School year (ten months)

To be considered a complete application, please submit all required documentation necessary to create the SchoolSpring file. Please do not send follow-up or additional paperwork or emails. If additional information is required, applicants will be contacted.

Please be sure to upload any and all transcripts to your SchoolSpring application.
Please apply to job # 3282288 at schoolspring.com


EOE: The Board of Trustees of Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School (PVPA)subscribes to the fullest extent to the principle of the dignity of all people and of their labors and will take action to ensure that any individual within PVPA who is responsible for hiring and/or personnel supervision understands that applicants are employed, assigned and promoted without regard to their race, creed, color, age, gender identity or gender expression, veteran status, disability, national origin or sexual orientation. Every available opportunity will be taken in order to assure that each applicant for a position is selected on the basis of qualifications, merit and ability.