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Student Council

Student Council at PVPA

PVPA’s Student Council is an important leadership group, made up of 3 elected representatives from each grade. Grades 8-12 hold elections in the spring and grade 7 holds elections during the first full week of school. Student Council meets as a full-year course, earning high school students necessary credits for graduation and providing  education in civics and democratic process.

Student Council serves as a critical student advisory for school policy and procedure, administrative decisions, and school culture. All Student Council members receive training in leadership skills, project development, mediation and facilitation skills, and Restorative Justice.

Student Council representatives plan community projects, grade projects, Spirit Week, all-school events, school dances, and lead fundraising efforts for class events/trips. Student Council representatives in grades 9-12 elect one representative per grade to sit on the PVPA Board of Trustees, serving as a liaison between the Board and the student body; Board student representatives who are 18-years-old hold full voting membership on the Board of Trustees. 

Student Council Representative requirements include: 

  • Representing the student body at school events and community meetings.
  • Enrolling in the Student Council class and attending other meetings or trainings  as required
  • Conducting oneself with integrity
  • Modeling PVPA values at all times

Running for Student Council, rules and procedures:

  1. Submit your name to the main office staff as a candidate
  2. Prepare your 30-second campaign speech, which you will deliver to your class on the Friday concluding your election week.
  3. You may make and put up no more than three 8x11 posters in the hallways.
  4. You may not make or distribute any other campaign materials, flyers, or merchandise
  5. You are encouraged to talk positively with your peers about what ideas and initiatives you would bring to Student Council, however you are prohibited from pressuring or coercing peers into voting for you.