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Teacher Resources

In roaming as a librarian, I sometimes come across excellent digital resources for free. We don't always have the time to meet and discuss is using them is a possibility, so I have started aggregating some oFight for Your Right to Library Memef the links here, so teachers can peruse, use, and access any time.

These resources are shared because they cover relevant topics, are of good quality, are free, and intuitively accessible. As I encounter more resources, I will add them to this page.

If you are looking for any kind of resource for a class or lesson, please feel free to ask me for help. I have or can try and get access to various lending or digital networks and am happy to assist in locating useful material. It is my job to be helpful!

-Austin Clark, Library Media Specialist


Digital Public Library of America: Primary Source Sets
A searchable digital archive of documents, artifiacts, and material from public libraries across America. More usefully, they have Primary Source Sets with attatched lesson plans to help teach various historical topics in almost all subject in American history.

Combines informational videos from various colleges on many relevant skills, such as grammer, writing, and essay composition. Also math.

Khan Academy

Moving Image Archive
A whole collection of collections of free, full length films from all points in American history. Part of archive.org, the biggest digital archive online for all kinds of primary source material. It is worth exploring, even if it can be a bit overwhelming.

WGBH Open Vault
Collections of public television shows and interviews on various historical topics.