Common App & School Profile

2020-2021 School Profile linked here

The school profile is submitted to colleges with your transcript.  

Filling Out Your Common Application:  Frequently Asked Questions

What is PVPA's CEEB Code?

What is my GPA (Grade Point Average)?
Your GPA is available on your transcript or from your School Counselor.  

Is my GPA weighted?  What is PVPA's GPA scale?
Your PVPA GPA is weighted, on a 4.0 scale.

What is my class rank?
PVPA does not rank students.  

What type of class should I select when entering my courses in the Common Application?

  • If you did Honors in a class, choose “Honors.”
  • All other Academic classes should be “College Prep.”
  • Arts classes should be “Standard.”

What are "Academic Honors?"  Is this the same as doing an Honors class?
Academic honors are awards, prizes, or titles you receive as a result of your academic performance.  This is different than doing an Honors class.  For example, some schools induct outstanding students into the National Honor Society.  PVPA does not have any school-based academic honors.  You may have received academic prizes or honors from another organization.