The science department offers courses in major scientific fields of study including biology, ecology, chemistry, physics, engineering, astronomy, geology, and various other classes. The courses focus on developing problem-solving strategies through experimental and project-based activities and are considered laboratory sciences unless otherwise noted in the course description. Courses that are year-long include seventh grade science; eighth grade science; ninth grade science; biology; chemistry; and physics. Other courses may be year-long or semester-long. See the course descriptions for details.

Each course adheres to the Massachusetts Science and Engineering State Frameworks and prepares students for the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests in grades 8 and 10. In the sophomore year of high school (grade 10) students take the Science and Technology/Engineering Exam as part of the MCAS test. The content of the exam reflects the course that the student is currently taking in the sophomore year. For example, a student taking biology in year 10 will take the biology MCAS exam in June of that academic year.