Our Program

PVPA provides the Pioneer Valley with an extraordinary, integrated curriculum that challenges students to blend creative and critical thinking in academic and performing arts courses complemented by a respectful, empowering community that surrounds students with the support and encouragement of teachers, parents, and administrators. PVPA is a school where learning is so vivid, relevant, and magnetic that young people want to be there. Through our curriculum and instruction, students develop a sense of confidence, a direction for individual creativity, and the skills and experiences necessary to succeed in college and beyond.

2021-2022 Course Catalog

The PVPA Course Catalogs describe each of the courses offered during the school year (a web-version of the catalog is also available). Introductory pages of each catalog outline requirements and typical course sequences, links to audition/interview applications, and links to online forms where students select their electives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our catalogs provide information about shifts to our programs and courses that may occur depending on remote, blended, or in-person learning environments.

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum maps are detailed breakdowns of each course we offer. Each map outlines the learning objectives for a course, including connections to state and/or national standards.  Additionally, an overview of each unit is included.