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Marisca Pichette '15

Photo of Marisca Pichette, Class of '15.

Mass Poetry recently selected "These days were made for us" by Marisca Pichette ('15) as the Poem of the Moment. Born and raised in Deerfield, Massachusetts, Marisca grew up with books and the inspiration of the extensive woods and orchards around her house. She began writing at PVPA through the Short Stories and Creative Writing Course and took independent studies that allowed her to edit and expand her pieces. Thanks to this opportunity and support received she had five completed manuscripts by her senior year. Since leaving PVPA she has embarked on the creation of several novels, along with poetry and short stories. A senior at Mount Holyoke College, Marisca is an English Major and Art History Minor. She is focusing on creative fiction going into graduate school with a particular interest in popular fiction.







Here is Marisca's poem:

"These days were made for us."
so tell me that rain
wasn't made for me

tell me that there's a difference
between diamonds and teardrops;

so tell me that seagulls 
fear the ocean

tell them that water
isn't touchable, not really

-we all shrink away from things
that are bigger than us-

so tell the field that mud
is just shy soil

and that a hole is a memory
of bravery,

exploration and dirty shoes
that don't quite know the way.

so tell me that mud wasn't made
to remember where I go

and tell me that you fear the ocean
just like an eye fears a tear

and the clouds 
fear the rain.