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PVPA's 2020-21 Re-Opening Plan


You can view PVPA's Comprehensive Reopening Plans here. (PDF file)

PVPA Board of Trustees Approves Remote Learning Model

The PVPA Board of Trustees voted unanimously on Thursday, August 6th to adopt a remote learning model for the beginning of the school year. PVPA believes this is the safest, most equitable start to the school year while the future of the public health crisis remains uncertain. Additionally, due to the constraints of our school and our large geographic charter region, we acknowledge the possibility of spreading the virus across a wide-swath of Western Massachusetts. 

PVPA has spent the summer upgrading and improving the remote program implemented in the spring, with a focus on streamlining the program and building a comprehensive, thoughtful remote class schedule. With a nearly complete course catalog, we are excited about our artistic and academic offerings and the abilities of PVPA teachers to provide students with the same level of expertise, rigor, and excitement as in the physical classroom. 

The PVPA Board of Trustees also voted to adopt the recently approved agreement between the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Massachusetts Teachers Association to reduce the number of school days from 180 to 170, to allow for 10 extra days of teacher preparation and professional development prior to the beginning of the semester. PVPA will now begin school on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.