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PVPA is now a NUT-FREE campus. Please adjust home-brought meals accordingly. Thank you! 


Public Notices & Documents

Below are collected all of the important documents and forms that are required, by law, for public posting and viewing.
Annual Report
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Annual Report 2020-2021 2020-2021 Annual Report.pdf
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Anti-Bullying Policy (Approved Jan 11, 2022) PVPA Anti-Bullying Policy_0.pdf
Calendars & Schedules
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School Year Calendar (2021-22) 2021-22 School Calendar - Approved 2_9_21.pdf
Master Bell Schedule (2021-22) 2021-2022 Master Schedule_0.pdf
Master Bell Schedule (3 lunch version) 2021-2022 Master Schedule with 3 lunches.pdf
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COVID-19 Response Protocols (Jan 22) COVID-19 Response Protocols - 1.3.22.pdf
COVID-19 Prevention Protocols (Jan 22) COVID-19 Prevention Protocols - 1.3.22.pdf
Facilities Public Notices
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Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) Notification AHERA Notification Form.pdf
Financial Documents
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ESSER III Funding Application ESSERIII-0749 Workbook (1).xlsm
Annual Audit (FY21) FY21Audit_PVPA_0479.pdf
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2021-22 Free Reduced Lunch Application 2021-2022 School Lunch Application.pdf
Misc Policy Documents
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Social Media Policy (Approved Jan 11, 2022) PVPA Social Media Policy.pdf
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PVPA & International Union and UAW, Local 2322 - CBA - 2020-2023 20201021 PVPA CBA (2020-2023) Signed.pdf
Student Support
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ESL Curriculum Vision For PVPA ESL Curriculum Vision for PVPA.pdf
Title IX
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Titel IX - Training October 2020 Title IX (Under the Final Rule)(7-10-2020)_0.pdf
Title IX - Officers Title IX Officers.pdf
Title IX - Greivance Process for Complaints PVPA Grievance Process for Title IX Complaints.pdf
Title IX Policy (Approved Dec 14, 2021) Title IX Policy.pdf