PVPA is now a NUT-FREE campus. Please adjust home-brought meals accordingly. Thank you! 


Documents & Forms

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Board Bylaws PVPA bylaws as amended 2017.pdf
Calendars & Schedules
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School Year Calendar (2021-22) 2021-22 School Calendar - Approved 2_9_21.pdf
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Comprehensive Reopening Plans PVPA COMPREHENSIVE REOPENING PLANS - August 14, 2020.pdf
Financial Documents
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FY19 PVPA & Friends - Combined Financial Statements FY19 Audit PVPA 0479.pdf
FY20 PVPA & Friends of PVPA Combined Fianncial Statements FY20Audit_PVPA_0479.pdf
PVPA FY18 Financial Statements FY18Audit_PVPA_0479.pdf
Goods & Services Procurement
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RFB - Interior Painting, Summer 2021 Painting _RFB_Summer2021.pdf
RFB - Electrical work for piano lab RFB-PVPA-ElectricalWork-PianoLab-Summer2021.pdf
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Email Chain - Interim Leadership Plan _Interim_head_of_school_plan_thoughts.pdf
OML Complaint Findings LF_Attorney_Generals_Office_re._Open_Meeting_Law_Complaint.pdf
PVPA & International Union and UAW, Local 2322 - CBA - 2020-2023 20201021 PVPA CBA (2020-2023) Signed.pdf